Halloween Treasures Slots

With a blend of cacophonic rage yet an uplifting melody, players know within seconds what type of experience they are in for! Halloween Treasures Slots is an all year round adventure although themed around arguable the greatest holiday known to man! With countless golden symbols representing what Halloween is all about, and the coveted basket of prized eggs at the top of the reel, it's key for players to aim for everything when they want the bonus!

With four jackpot schemes coming in the form of Mini, Minor, Major, and Grand, players will have numerous shots to hit big at all phases of the game! Crystal balls, vampires, flaming jack o' lanterns? Halloween Treasures Slots absolutely has you covered, even in the Summer the treasures of All Hallows Eve can be beckoned!

There is a subtle gorgeousness to the burnt out candle and brick wall background, it adds simplicity to the already eccentric reel board that players are bombarded with in the best way. It's truly reward after reward when players match their favorite Halloween icons. Numerous bonuses will also relinquish souls to the egg basket mentioned above, and these souls travel from the reel through the hidden gateways of secret doors and even the crystal balls which can see the player's future of fortune or folly!

It becomes much more than a haunted hayride when players are able to match endlessly burning candles and a wide variety of witch hats.. yes, they will reward you big time! The numerous pumpkins and potions to match give players endless options and varieties when it comes to cashing out and filling the jackpot meter.

Those inclined to stick with free games in the start can earn massively although winnings will only be in the form of free games for that mode of gameplay. Finding a full set of symbols and matching the reel entirely is truly otherworldly and it feel like one is summoning the souls of all the past winners with each jackpot hit! The ghoulish and ghastly effects create an ambiance that will enthuse even the lightest of Halloween celebrators.

Nightmares will turn to dreamscapes once players make their heartiest and toughest choices in the world of Halloween Treasures Slots. Building the golden symbols are crucial to endgame success, so players will want to keep an eye on that gauge along with the four adjoining jackpots. The possibilities are endless in the netherworld of Halloween Treasures, get lost today!