Egyptian Gold Slots

Egyptian Gold Slots bring the best of the old world back to life! Players can chase the riches of the Egyptian pharaohs and gods with a few spins of the reel! From spades to scarabs, Egyptian Gold brings the best of ancient lore and symbology to the forefront of virtual slots gaming! It's a true masterclass of jackpots and roulette when one steps into the fray of Egyptian Gold!

The Egyptian backdrops lays the perfect plane to game endlessly with the slot mechanics. With four paylines and four jackpots coming in the form of mini, minor, major and maxi, players won't have to choose their matches they simply have to aim for all of them! It's key to keep an eye on symbols that are truly worthy, but the jackpot builds even on small matches such as spade and spade, and that's enough to keep even the most easily disgruntled players intrigued.

Defy the old gods by summoning old priestesses, kings and even ankhs into the land of Egyptian Gold! These slots are a time capsule to the past and it's a complete adventure that builds on rewards and gameplay for hours on end.

The slot design itself is fantastic, and it being an easy master slots game is helpful when even the smallest jackpots are truly worthy of reaching for. Mini jackpots have lows of five times the current bet maximum, and the maxi can get up to anywhere near or over two hundred times the current bet and possible bet max! Shooting for a six hundred dollar pot is never bad when betting three bucks at a time, this makes Egyptian Slots worth the chase and provides the gameplay to boot!

It's a truly otherworldly adventure once players step into world of old Egypt and test their luck against the archaic yet powerful rulers of that time. Egyptian Gold Slots not only incorporates fantastic rewards and exhilarating gameplay, it gives character and uniqueness to a genre that thrives on its cinematic quality. From vegas to the edge of player one's desktop, Egyptian Gold Slots

beckons the new world slot pullers to give it a go and reap all the rewards of Egyptian gods!

Don't miss out today on thematic paylines, the multiple jackpots to aim for, and the all around fun Egyptian Gold Slots has to offer players new and old. Free play is also available to those who want to test their luck and betting skill without losing real cash! It's all in the spins, good luck to those who dare enter the old world of Egyptian Gold Slots!