Lil Red Slots

Entering the world of Lil Red Slots is nothing less than an awesome and nostalgic experience from start to finish. From the fresh faced cute granny to the big bad wolf himself, Lil Red offers immersion and a unique play style unlike anything else on the market.

The Colossal spin reel grid creates an additional five paylines to the initial playable five the player wagers on. This style of play enhances the match bonuses and creates broader images which create unique character portraits but most importantly, up the ante big time! The bonus potential when recreating scenes from the classic Little Red Riding Hood Story not only immerses players, but rewards them greatly for unlocking the at times funny, yet always novel story book moments.

The dual reel that players spin simultaneously with one wager each have the same symbols with the additional colossal wheel having the ability to form bigger pictures and in turn grant bigger rewards. It's almost as if the player is betting on the initial board with hopes that a story will play out on the colossal and provide that match bonus everyone is waiting on!

Wolf and Lil Red herself create uniquely different bonuses when their moments are enacted on the colossal reel, and this creates a dynamic sense of fun that not only emulates truly satisfying and nostalgic gameplay, but one that is truly rewarding in a tangible way.

The wagering options are simple in both the free play and real money modes, players will notice that with continuous spins the colossal reel will create more moments and become all the more enticing.. in a way Lil Red becomes a game within a game in which both are seriously rewarding and addictive! The Lil Red logo is the bonus itself, and when these transfer to the colossal reel it will help expose more tiles to reveal the scenes from the classic storybook tale along with providing immense reward bonuses.

There is no jackpot ante to build up, but there are concurrent bonuses and in a sense it's all about unlocking characters and scenes from the Lil Red story itself. This is the universe of the the riding hood, her grandmother, the woodcutting hunter and the big baddie himself! Players will be immersed into the lore with an awesomely classic visual design, and who would've thought that the story of Lil Red could be so incredibly satisfying?

Unlock the moments, characters and lore of the story we all know and love all the while earning some of the best rewards virtual slots has to offer! Jump into Lil Red Slots today!