Copy Cat Fortune Slots

Copy Cat Fortune Slots take the classic slots formula and mix in novel emblems and icons such as the cutest bird and goldfish to add flavor and flair to an already spell binding game! the mystical tones resemble that of an 8 bit adventure taking you the depths of exploration and rewards!

It is up to the player to find the extent of bonuses amidst the minimum twenty five pay lines and maximum fifty! The game seeks to keep the good times rolling with numerous play and bonus features to keep the slot puller guessing and excited to discover new emblems! From finding the wilds and bonus scatters, to earning Super and Mega free spins, Copy Cat becomes anything but a copycat, in fact it's one of the most uniquely original slots game on the web today!

Players seeking immense rewards can earn not only through the pay balance but also the gifted free balance! Use more than the thousand free tokens provided to get the full Copy Cat Fortune Slots experience without breaking the bank! The game encourages new players to explore and find the complete symbology, from the number matching to the cute animals in the fray, it all becomes one in the world of Copy Cat!

The creaking slot reel with the glorious sounds of winning and gold clanking make Copy Cat Fortune what it is. The mysterious background with the city skyline entrenched under the night's moon, it brings a feeling of mystery and soon to be success. The rewards come fast and often, and players should keep an eye on the purple counter that appears on the bottom left of the screen; this will come into play once bonuses are earned, but the counter shows how much is earned off a single play along with the multiplier. Clear and easy to read bonus rewards and multipliers keep the gameplay seamless and let players how much they are up! Included in the bonus pay lines and spins are Mystery Stacks, Reel Copies, 50 Lines Free Spins, along with the Super Free and Mega spins mentioned earlier! This is a wide and seemingly endless array of fun and exhilarating paylines that only get better with each leap of difficulty and luck conquered!

It becomes so much more than luck when players immerse themselves into Copy Cat Fortune, it's about staying the course and outplaying the slyest Cat of all. The intentions of a Copy Cat are clear and concise, become the Copy Cat to earn and multiply the rewards! One of the most addictive slots games on the market is waiting, embark into Copy Cat Fortune Slots today!