Khrysos Gold Slots

Khrysos Gold Slots is an exquisitely beautiful and brand new slots game that pits old world beauty vs. new world skill! Be ready to embark on a slots adventure with storylines within the jackpots, gorgeous designs of kings and queens past blessed with the riches of the Gods!

With over twenty paylines, Khrysos Gold aims to be a top tier slots entry with over three jackpot tiers in the form of Minor, Major and Grand! The gorgeously strewn out ancient alphabet themed to the aesthetic of great ancient Greece and Rome join the animated dragons and warriors of the old world! Khrysos Gold Slots is completely immersive from it's massive motivational background score to it's illuminating bonus multiplier on screen! Aesthetic and sound are one minor role in terms of game value but they are massive here in terms of building a truly epic slots theme!

Free play is available to new and old players alike who appreciate practice, and scoping out the jackpots and playability before truly deep diving in! Wilds and Slippery Wilds do make themselves apparent and available and relinquishing the ancient matching icon bonuses that come with them feel nothing less than spectacular! Morphing Wilds too make an appearance and can completely reconfigure the reel! Jackpots and bonuses once seen can change drastically within a heartbeat once the Wild is laid out on the board!

The haunting sounds of the dragon chasing it's tail after matching all three is not only exhilarating, but creates a need for more! The gameplay is fantastic, and there are numerous modes even within the free modes such as 'five of a kind'. Be aware of Jackpot bonuses and keep an eye out for the golden coins, they are crucial when transmuting the entire board into gold with each having jackpot potential!

Khrysos Gold Slots is a wickedly good time that takes players through a journey of archaic fables and knights combatting dragons. The old world beckons players new and old as do the riches hidden beneath the surface. This brand new game offers a glimpse of the old world through a brand new lens, Khrysos Gold is a slots venture that will be sought after and played by those that marvel at it's fantastic gifted jackpots and illuminating gameplay.

Khrysos Gold Slots is an enhanced slots experience but can cater to new players who want to learn the ropes quick. Follow the gold, chase the dragon, become legend.