Twister Wilds Slots

An extremely unique and addictive slots game comes in the form of farm based game Twister Wilds Slots! The classic farm layout will introduce players to all the well known animals and critters that come along with the territory. The fantastic topsy turvy backdrop creates an element somewhat like Wizard of Oz with a bit of a modern touch.

Once players have thought they've seen all the critters blowin' in the wind, they'll find the housecat blowing away with a quarter million! It's a cute yet risky endeavor always stepping into the world of Twister Wilds, but it'll be more than a gander and a risk once players realize they can laugh off the losses with the cute cats and cows tryin' desperately to hold on to cash themselves!

Every win and loss tells a story not only through the music, the gameplay, and the animation.. but through the natural progression of the game and the tension that builds with each plausibility a tornado could be summoned and completely tear down the reel that was landing on something good!

Players must tread lightly and respect the winds, it's all about the benjamins but even the cows know that! It's up to survival instincts and avoiding the gusts that wanna take that sweet green away!

Players will feel like they're back on the farm with the banjo bustlin' and the need to match chickens and farm girls alike! It's a real parade when the jackpot both mini and max start to fill rapidly and eventually feed the geese! Don't get too distracted by the beautiful Twisters in these Wilds though, they might just shake up the bank and leave ya' stranded!

It's a true farmer tale when players ignite the play button and immerse themselves into a world of wild winds, hay bales, man's best friend and more pigs than the eye can see! The numerous critters that make themselves apparent over time become cuter and cuter, although some deserve sympathy as they're just trying to get through these wild winds all the while holding wads of cash!

That really is the name of the game, can players hold their green paper slivers through some of deepest winds the southern farmland has to offer? These are all questions that can be answered once embarked on the windiest, wildest and most fun slots game out there in Twister Wilds Slots! It's more than a game, it's a slots adventure!