Diamond Fiesta Slots

A blend of classical Mexican culture and Day of the Dead themes adjoin themselves with fast paced, frenetic and beautiful gameplay in the otherworldly Diamond Fiesta Slots! Dancing skulls and diamonds will join you along your rewarding adventure as the glistening and earning just doesn't stop!

This game is beautiful enough for even the most experienced slots players to look at and take their time with, it's an addictive rush once the matches start going as the animations that go along with them almost feel like a necessity when winning those oh so cool coins!

The slot sound effects come straight from Vegas style gaming rooms and it will take you to wondrous world of five paylines, top deck matching along with the ability to pair diamonds across the entire board.. that's right, the entire board can hit a bonus multiplier at once!

Seeing each jackpot hit per diamond in each square is one of the most exhilarating gameplay experiences one can have in slots gaming, and it has to be played to be believed! The most purist of virtual slots players will also appreciate the humor that comes with matching chili peppers and guitar wielding Mariachi skulls in the same turn.

Diamond Fiesta Slots is an absolute blast and provides hours of entertainment with those ready to hop into the big cash immediately, or for those who want to lurk a bit and spend some free cash with the spins provided! Nothing is better than testing a game out on the house and getting the know how in what to match and how to beat the odds. It's a true Mexican adventure that takes the best symbols of that culture and world while providing the fantastic gameplay that keeps players coming back for more!

Diamond Fiesta is surely one of the most eccentric games on the market in terms of appeal and aesthetic, but the overall production and rewards bonuses are enough to keep that reel spinning all day every day! It's a truly fantastic reward system and in reaching for diamonds one may pull out even more grandiose surprises that aren't so easy to see on the surface!

This is a slot adventure surely worth the download, and the gameplay will prove for itself why it's an incredibly popular spin on fiestas in general with the ability to match gorgeous tango dancers and all sorts of Mexican themed gifts. What's better than a girl's best friend? Or maybe ten of them? Diamonds will be earned, kept, and multiplied! Buenos suerte to those who dive into the world of the Diamond Fiesta!