Sparky 7 Slots

Sparky 7 Slots is a an ode to the hustle and bustle of Las Vegas, and carries itself as a traditional yet refined virtual slots game. Sparky brings the real deal in Mega winnings with the old school style of less paylines, and bigger jackpots!

It shouldn't be tough for players new and old to engage themselves with Sparky's mechanics quickly, and with the traditional symbol examples in 7s, BARs and Bonuses, players will really feel like their pulling the reel in one of the more prolific Vegas casinos. It's not only fun but rewarding every time players enter the Sparky arena; vast jackpots and an array of bonuses to help players missing the matches they need find them and add to the immensely satisfying jackpot ticker.

This is a slots game of true value and the fun factor is almost as good as the profitability. This game throws so many bonuses at the player they won't know what to match because they're both such valuable prizes! Every reel spin and win adds to the jackpot, and players will always have the bonus symbol transfer to make up for matches they've missed by the slightest of margins!

Sparky 7 Slots also adds a new dynamic to the classic slots formula in adding true bonuses and multipliers to increase the chances of winning! Although Sparky offers a three by three slot reel, the bonus multiplier in the fourth reel offers an additional match to claim the bonus! The symbol transfer can occur when players miss their 'three match' but find the missing link in the randomly generated fourth reel! If a player needs a pesky seven to make their jackpot match, keep and eye on the bonus because it may be the link you need to nab it all!

There are so many ways to win in Sparky 7 Slots and it's easy to remember what you're matching! The classic Vegas style along with the electrifyingly beautiful aesthetic makes it a game not only playable daily, but a game that's in the top tier of classic virtual slots game on the web!

New players will be granted free spins when they choose to embrace the free play mode, but once slot pullers are ready to invest some real change the spark will be ignited quickly! With jackpots and multipliers galore, even players new to the genre will find how wonderfully addictive Sparky 7 Slots can become! A tremendous game with tremendous win potential, dive into Sparky 7 Slots today!