Bubble Bubble 3 Slots

Bubble Bubble 3 Slots is the trilogy that keeps on giving! Reintroducing players favorite witches from past titles including Winni, Wanda and Willow is a fantastic move as their character element works flawlessly for a game like this. The Bubble Bubble series is becoming as iconic a title as is purely fun to play!

This is just the beginning of fantastic features as Bubble Bubble 3 Slots offers spectacular and high velocity gameplay with fifty paylines on its gorgeously filled reel of rewards! The numerous Halloween symbols offer up a thematic and gloomily fun experience no matter the mood or season! From Winni's magic to the magic scatters on the board, Bubble Bubble 3 Slots offers dynamic and rewarding gameplay no matter the route players take. A more care free wagering approach is just fine in a game series like Bubble Bubble as the rewards are always worth the risk, and even in taking losses fun is to be had with the visual animations and all around game design.

Being guided by the dastardly witches of Bubble Bubble 3 is only a good thing as their interceptions of magic and spells create uniquely fun and at times very rewarding gameplay. A four thousand multiplier of bet wagered is the mega jackpot, and for a virtual slots game that is massive! Bringing back old characters like Wanda and supercharging the pot is only making Bubble Bubble 3 Slots as enticing if not more than its predecessors. It's an improvement on something already fantastic, and with each title various improvements to visuals, spells and rewards themselves are incorporated.

Players new to the series will be quickly immersed as Bubble Bubble 3 Slots follows suit to the titles that came before it and provides a visceral and spellbinding challenge! Collect the Hextastic Symbols and keep an eye out for the witches toiling with every brew in the game world, spells are aplenty yet failure can be just as easy to attain as reward in some instances! These are friendly witches but don't test their magic, they know the secrets of the Bubble Bubble world players are just discovering!

From scatter symbols to the dark yet festive Halloween themed animations, Bubble Bubble 3 hits it out of the park in every respect. It's a fascinatingly fun game incorporating magic and spells and in what casino game do you know a witch as iconic as Wanda? It's a worthwhile play and free spins are available to those who want to give it a test run. Brace for spooky season early and conquer the rewards and mystery of Bubble Bubble 3!