PayDirt! Slots

PayDirt! Slots is a raucous good time! With a near dozen symbols and emblems to match, players will feel like getting dirty and going for broke in this absolute blast of a virtual gold rush!

The beauty of the gameplay comes in it's matching and end game rewards! Once a player has accrued enough of a balance to start landing big bets, the storylines that play out on the board are not only fun to watch.. but make it exhilarating to earn! Matching the dynamite boom stick with the gold diving cave entrance with give players a multiplayer which makes sense because miners used to blast those open for the bounty! If a player matches even more icons that continue the storyline such as the pan to simmer the gold out, then one of us is sitting real pretty and it's the one playing the game!

Players will love getting entrenched in the mud with the big stake city slickers and the countless jackpot multipliers both minor, major and random! Finding the 'Paydirt' multiplier icons and the lanterns will light the way for players seeking the biggest return on investment! PayDirt! Slots does also offer a free roll balance to new players who would like to try the game, and maybe try a new virtual slots experience as this is the way to play.. and the best way to play virtual slots!

With over a half dozen paylines encountered in the first ten minutes of gameplay, PayDirt! Slots has a way of showing the player a lot of the jackpot tiers all the while involving them in the slick matching gameplay and addictive, fun to watch animations and visuals. PayDirt! Slots takes a page from the book of all the slots games that did it right, the serene backdrop and Gold Miner theme is just fantastic for players seeking their own gold rush! A bit of humor is also incorporated with the donkeys, and yes, players can donkey themselves out with too many matches, so don't play donkey!

The miners, the loot, the vats of gold, it all comes together to make a tale of rags, riches and dreams coming true. The meta theme of chasing gold applies to everyone playing this virtual slot, and the dozens of fun to play and easy to remember symbols along with easy to win jackpots make PayDirt! Slots one to continually come back to! Don't miss out on the fun and rewards today, the Gold Rush is here!