Storm Lords Slots

Storm Lords Slots is a blend of old world action from the Orient with a new take on slots action fun! One must bring their A game as they target the maximum jackpot and will the over twenty five paylines to show them the money!

It's all about the grind with this fun matching slots adventure. The low wager and high earning ability makes this game an incredibly popular one, and the thematic visuals and sound design is oddly addictive and creates a harmonious old world feel to wager the day away in!

Storm Lords Slots is a unique world and game all its own, the near fifty pay lines and immense amount of triggered bonuses make the fast paced action feel so worth it and the maxi jackpot always within reach. The old world feel really comes through the screen with ancient alphabet symbols and the warriors and kings of old.

Different matches on the board can create bigger bonuses and take over the board itself for even more unique games within the game. Attaining a 'five of a kind' match bonus triggers the wild and some truly fantastic and one of a kind animations, especially for a slots game! Part anime combat, part slots mania jackpot, Storm Lords Slots has something for gamers of all types!

Seeing the archetype of one's match bonus slash the cash with his spellbinding sword is so cool and transportive, and it makes the game seriously involving. Discovering all the match bonuses like three of a kind, five of a kind, and more will lead to the mystery of each archetype's move and animation! The unique storytelling through match bonuses and overall anime type visual style makes Storm Lords Slots truly one of a kind and valuable to gamers who enjoy a little more action than the wager itself!

The mini jackpot is also something definitely worth trekking for. When the mini hits the board will be flooded with gold coins, and hopefully some seriously valuable archetypes and symbols are out on the board because multipliers will be at work! The more easily attainable mini jackpot makes Storm Lords Slots more lucrative than some other titles and adds value to those who enjoy wagering small.

Free games and spins are aplenty and the free balance is available for those waiting to dive head first. Storm Lords Slots is a worthwhile and rewarding slots adventure packed with mystery behind each symbol! The visual prowess and thematic style alone makes this a worthwhile and valuable slots game!