Ghost Ship Slots

Reminiscent of the most influential and engaging slots games of the new era, Ghost Ship Slots takes its place as the single most fun pirate themed virtual slots game to date! The swashbuckling is a given from the start, and the soundbytes could make even the heartiest of men tremble!

Engage the high seas with a ghost ship fitted for only the sturdiest of slots players! Keep an eye on the minimum and maximum slot bonuses as they will control your gaming fate! Not only does the mossy underbelly and treacherous ocean call out to ye', the battles and dawn of war is constantly upon ye'!

Two of the heartiest of bonus match features comes in the forms of Free Games and Wilds! Matching the numerous Free Game emblems will give a chance at numerous extra slot pulls, and not only that, the spellbinding Ghost Ship Slots soundtrack takes full reigns and control as it commandeers emotion with a ballad of emotion and pure motivation!

Do not become bewildered with the countless emblems and symbology Ghost Ship Slots will throw at the screen, it's all a beautiful decoy but the most trained eye will go for the pure matches that get the biggest bonuses! It's always incredible to pull the reel right after the other, but sometimes a bit of patience and luck goes a long way when the legend of captains old and new sway the ship of luck ye' way!

Matching wins and finding bonuses is truly exhilarating, but doing it matching mermaids of the deep sea and the bounty of a true Ghost Ship is unmatched! Prepare for true adventure on the high seas as Ghost Ship Slots takes you to the darkest depths with the greatest rewards!

Quite popular with streamers and players of all types online due to its extravagant aesthetic theme and payline hits, Ghost Ship Slots constantly proves to be one of the most uniquely rewarding virtual slots gaming experiences in the world! It is hard to say when Ghost Ship Slots isn't pure gratification, from the purist and gloriously themed pirate gameplay to the truly unmatched rewards this slots game has something for everyone!

Every other pay line seemingly hits and the rewards are endless, Ghost Ship Slots knows how to keep players coming back and it knows how to keep them happy. Enlightening and sharp gameplay with the design of deep sea symbology make this one a must play!