Cash Bandits Slots

Cash Bandits Slots is an extremely fun and dynamic mix of slots gameplay and choosing the reward! Once in the bonus, players have a choice in cracking codes and choosing the safe with the biggest and baddest amounts! Don't forget that you are a bandit, and the stake being big is always the goal!

The free games in Cash Bandits Slots offer an exhilarating Jackpot experience, and even the smallest of minimum bets can qualify players for the big maximum jackpot prize! The theme of cops and robbers never gets old, and the challenge is getting as much cash as one can and getting outta there! A lot of cops might be on your tail in Cash Bandits, but if you're winning make sure to land the match three donuts and they'll be off ya' in no time!

Multiple big wins can be achieved by matching the truly unique and one of a kind emblems strewn throughout the reel. Cash Bandits Slots offers hilariously awesome animations of bandits, cops, donuts, handcuffs and countless other funny and light hearted animations that will keep players begging for more!

It's always an adventure rescuing a damsel in distress or escaping the police after robbing a bank, and in Cash Bandits you can do both! Earning the bonus and matching the right symbols are what it's all about, after all it is a slots game! Matching the police cruisers to the bullhorns and vice versa give off better jackpot multipliers and rewards as opposed to mixing bandits and cop symbols, this is a fantastic part of the game that adds to the element of wanting to choose which side of the law one plays for!

Special bandit icons and newspapers reporting the escape will definitely come in handy when it comes to multipliers and earning as much as possible! Finding the hidden Cash Bandits logo set aflame will give players the true experience of a multiplier, and the adjustable twenty give paylines on both the free and paid bet versions of Cash Bandits Slots make getaway seemingly everlasting in the best way!

The numerous matching symbols make this one of the more character based slots games out there, and matching the different bandits with cops and numerous paraphernalia will have players feel like their walking the beat while they're winning the cash! This is a uniquely brilliant slots experience with so many bonuses and characters to boot, it's a true get out of jail free card on a day off!