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las vegas usa casino

Verified fair gaming and secure system function.

Las Vegas USA Casino - CDSLas Vegas USA Casino has paid out more than $17,000,000.00 (17 Million USD) in winnings. And, that is since December 2002. A lot of people win a lot of money in Las Vegas USA Casino, and you could be the next big winner. Las Vegas USA Casino uses gaming casino software from Real Time Gaming.

Or, RTG as they are called too. RTG has long been one of the best online casino software providers the internet has to offer. RTG utilizes the latest and most sophisticated RNG, or Random Number Generator as it is short for, and this RNG is used to ensure absolute fairness and full functioning of all systems and its ongoing accuracy. Real Time Gaming’s casino software carries the official Certificate of RNG Evaluation from CDS, which stands for Central Disputes System Certified. CDS is a respected and accredited testing facilty and principal consulates to the major gaming and wagering regulatory bodies.

Central Disputes System Certified uses a special emphasis on the distribution and unpredictability of the RNG application when it performs their RNG evaluations.

The RTG Real Time Gaming casino software has been verified through mathematical and statistical analysis by CDS to distribute numbers with sufficient non-predictably, for distribution and lack of bias to particular outcomes.

You can check the latest Las Vegas USA Casino RNG evaluation by clicking here

On top of this, to ensure the Las Vegas USA Casino’s on-going randomness and fairness, the average payout percentage, which is the actual percentage of all winnings taken over the total amount of money in bets is reviewed every month.

To add even more protection for you, Las Vegas USA Casino maintains a complete audit trail of each individual transaction for all the casino games that you play there. At your request Las Vegas USA Casino management would be pleased to make these files available to you for inspection.

For all deposits and withdrawals Las Vegas USA Casino uses the credit card services of Park Lane Services Ltd. Doing so ensures you get secure, fast and easy online transaction processing. Park Lane Services Ltd. is a multinational firm that successfully and securely handles thousands of secure online transactions every day. It is of the utmost importance to Las Vegas USA Casino that you are completely confident and comfortable with all your secure dealings while playing at Las Vegas USA Casino.

Las Vegas USA Casino are committed to a policy of ongoing fraud detection and prevention in all aspects of their casino gaming operations.

Their safe and secure systems ensure the validity of each and every transaction, using the latest fraud control mechanisms in today’s e-market. Las Vegas USA Casino aims to ensure the integrity of their customers’ accounts and secure all transactions and payments they receive and make to you.

If for any reason you should feel uncomfortable about the Las Vegas USA Casino software or about the security and safety of gambling online, please do not hesitate to contact Las Vegas USA Casino: or contact them directly via their support live chat.


las vegas usa casino